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List of navigable lakes (gas motor boats permitted) in the Laurentians, by Yanick Laporte real estate broker and owner of Century 21 Tremblant, expert in waterfront cottages in the Laurentians

Posted by Yanick Laporte on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 10:46am

Hello, I have been looking for a while for a list of the navigable (gas motor boats permitted) lakes in the Laurentians (Qc) but without success. As the expert in the sale and purchase of waterfront properties in the Laurentians, I have therefore started to create this preliminary list for everyone's use.

Keep in mind lakes where gas motor boats are not permitted usually allow electric motors for slow speed navigation.

Please inform me if you have the info for others lakes.

Hit CTRL and F to do a research and quickly find the lake you are looking for in the list below.

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Thank you,

Yanick Laporte

1 (819) 429 9001


Real estate broker & Agency owner

Century 21 Tremblant



Lac Tremblant yes

Lac Mercier yes

Lac Desmarais no

Lac Gélinas no

Lac Ouimet no

Lac Lily no

Lac Bobby no

Lac Raymond no

Lac Duhamel yes

Lac Lamoureux no

Lac Dufour no

Lac Forget no

Lac Maskinongé Yes (for now)

Lac Gauthier Yes (5hp max)


La Conception

Lac Vézeau yes

Lac Gervais yes

Lac des Trois-Montagnes yes

Lac Xavier yes

Lac Lauverte no


Municipality of Lac-Supérieur

Lac Quenouille yes

Lac Supérieur no (10km/h)

Lac Équerre no

Lac Français no


Saint-Faustin-Lac Carré

Lac Cornu yes

Lac de la Blanche no

Lac a la Caille no

Lac Rougeaud no

Lac Nantel no

Lac Solitude no

Lac Sauvage

Lac Caribou no



Lac Cameron yes

Lac de la Sucrerie yes

Lac Rond

Lac de la décharge



Lac Masson yes

Lac Dupuis

Lac du Nord yes



Lac Sunset

Lac Echo

Lac du Barron yes

Lac Solar

Lac Kenny



Lac Manitou yes

Lac de la grise

Lac des Seize-iles

Lac Laurel



Lac Ludger yes

Lac Cardin yes

Lac de la Montagne noire yes

Lac Dufresne yes



Lac Cook

Lac Franc

Lac Echo

Lac Théodore yes



Lac Millette no

Lac Lucerne

Lac Deauville



Lac St-Joseph yes

Lac Ste-Marie yes

Lac Bois franc

Lac Guimond

Lac Cornu

Lac Louise

Lac de la Montagne

Lac à la Truite



Lac Azur

Lac des Sables yes

Lac Thérien

Lac Papineau yes



Lac Croche

Lac Clair

Lac Charlebois

Lac des iles

Lac Violon

Lac Masson yes



Lac des Becs-Scies

Lac Breton

Lac Millette

Lac Boucane

Lac des chats



Lac Raymond

Lac Quenouille yes



Lac Raymond no

Lac Lasalle

Lac Théodore

Lac à la Fourche



Lac Louisa yes

Lac Grand

Lac noir yes


Wentworth Nord

Lac Notre-dame

Lac Wentworth yes

Lac Argenté



Lac Labelle yes

Lac Brochet yes

Lac Clément

Lac Alphonse yes

Lac Joly yes

Lac Gervais yes


La Minerve

Lac Désert yes

Lac Chapleau yes

Lac Marie-Louise yes

Lac à la truite yes

Lac La Minerve yes



Lac Lesage yes

Lac Blanc yes

Lac Paquet yes

Lac Boileau

Grand Lac Nominingue yes

Petit lac Nominingue yes

Lac Ste-Marie no

Lac St-Joseph no

Lac des Grandes Baies yes

Lac Noir no



Lac Castor yes


Lac Tibériade yes


La Macaza: Lac Chaud yes



Lac Archambault yes

Lac Beauchamp

Lac Ouareau yes

Lac Du Pimbina

Lac Provost

Lac la clef

Lac Baribeau



Lac des iles yes



Lac Gagnon yes

Lac Simon yes


Lac des Plages yes



Lac de l’Achigan yes

Lac Connelly yes

Lac Echo yes



Yanick Laporte


Real Estate Broker & Agency Owner

Century 21 Tremblant



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